Ala Plastica

Proposal for GROUNDWORKS Exhibition

Ala Plastica´s presentation at GROUNDWORKS exhibition will focus on AA project, which will be developed between November 2004 and April 2005. This project is supported by J.F. Clark Foundation, through Helix Arts, UK. Concerning the availability of space for each artist/group and a dedicated screening room for video, computer media stuff, we plan to set up a Communication Platform supported by computer media, graphic and audiovisual materials, and will be articulated with elements of daily culture, metaphors, oral and written production about the actions that day by day have defined transformation, and the emergent strategies of the process. Everything will be presented with the criterion of a sensitive map. This exhibition material will primarily focus on showing Ala Plastica’s working methodology.

An Entrance-Estuary and a Geography of Signals.

The installation opens through an entrance-estuary. As entering people glimpse signals indicating levels of the maximum swellings of the rivers of Del Plata basin distributed in several points of an invisible geography. Then the displacement leads towards a metaphorical space of
concentration and a different atmosphere to perceive a panorama of landscapes, life conditions, situations and people.

Who did it, why did it? Searching and finding answers in between who produces damage and who suffers it. An audiovisual approximately 20 minutes long will make evident, like an Atlas of Impressions, the “gratia potamica” of Del Plata basin which drains to the sea an area corresponding to territories of Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and rgentina and the relationships of power on the water (the effects of corporations’ activities, the territorial occupation, the flows of energy and resources), and the place vocation characteristics, sustained by memory, ritual, legend and ideology of local communities, addressing the global,
bioregional, local dimensions, and actual problems such as water related ethics, economy, pedagogy, culture and democracy.

Primary necessary infrastructure: accurate video and sound
reproduction devices.

Real Time Projections
a series of eventual actions, related to varied contingencies and without premeditated results will be carried out together with schools, cultivators, local settlers, cooperative communities, etc, from critical areas of the basin, to be projected in real time using telematics technology during the exhibition in a periodical basis (e.g.: once a week), focusing on different aspects of the crisis’ genealogy, happened under the same criterion of reality of the bioregional perspective. The actions, interventions, etc. will be projected but not being interconnective in the exhibition space. The process would be freely influenced in other time and space(via internet, active web page).
Primary necessary infrastructure: accurate video and sound
reproduction devices, internet connection.

Graphics, photographs, writings and drawings.
a series of graphics, photographs, writings and drawings will make sense in the context of the installation representing the apparent route of the project. Models of rhizomatic expansion,
strategies of power over and power to do, processes of formation and transformation, organic processes models, etc.